Liv Morgan Shares Hilarious “Friends” Riott Squad Parody

So no one told you life was gonna be this way, but the Riott Squad are still having a ton of fun being equal opportunity agitators. They might not have a sitcom based on their lives, but if you imagine the fun that they would have then it’s all here in this fake intro to a new and much more interesting version of Friends.

Liv Morgan is a huge fan of Friends and has talked about it before. Why wouldn’t she be? It’s a great show. Now she is pleased to see that someone put up a Friends-style intro package illustrating what the famous show would be like if it starred Morgan, Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott.

This is a pretty funny parody video and it certainly is worth a watch for the cleverness it took to put it together.

After Logan’s wedding yesterday, the Riott Squad have even more memories to share and they’re likely to make plenty more by the time all is said and done.

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Young legends ❤️

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