WWE Drops Huge Heel Turn After Vince McMahon’s Shake Up Announcement

WWE has a lot of things that they can do to change the current climate of the main roster. Vince McMahon came out on RAW this week and made an announcement that he is returning to TV and will be running things without middle management.

This change will affect a lot of long-term plans and NXT call-ups were brought to the main roster before they were really supposed to. It also appears that WWE called off a big heel turn as well.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that due to Vince’s big announcement, Shane McMahon’s heel turn has been canceled. The seeds were planted when he won the Best In The World trophy at WWE Crown Jewel, and The Miz then started following him around begging for a tag team.

We won’t spoil what happens next week on SmackDown Live, but you can click here to read all about the big storyline progression between Shane and The Miz.

It was noted that McMahon wasn’t slated to turn heel until January anyway, but because of his father’s promise of a New Era, it appears that Shane will be remaining a babyface.