Becky Lynch On How Nia Jax Injuring Her Will Help Propel Her To WrestleMania

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Becky Lynch is The Man and she was already the SmackDown Women’s Champion before Nia Jax caved her face in with a stiff punch. It was that injury and bloody face which created a thousand memes cementing Lynch as The Man.

While speaking to The Kliq Podcast, Becky Lynch discussed that punch from Nia Jax and the lasting effect it’s had on her career since then.

It’s crazy because looking back, I can see just how jumbled my brain was, but now looking forward, there’s nothing I can do about it so you gotta keep positive, So now I’m just looking at where I go from it. How I can take all the momentum that I built and use it to propel myself forward. And where I see myself propelling forward to, the main event at WrestleMania [would be] pretty freakin nice.”

You never know how far WWE is going to let Becky Lynch go in the company. She has all the makings to be one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring. Her personality and drive have brought her to this point, let’s just hope WWE doesn’t drop the ball with The Man.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quotes

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