WWE Personalities Experience Uber Eats Horror Story

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WWE employees have to make a lot of towns for the company and that doesn’t always give them a lot of time to get out and find meals in whatever city they happen to be in. This is why a service like Uber Eats is so valuable to them if they could only get the food they order.

Scott Armstrong recently had a horror story with Uber Eats which he shared on Twitter. Apparently, they kept changing his expected delivery time before finally telling him he’d have to figure out some other way of getting food.

“Soooo, UberEats, Uber took my order at 9:58pm and said I’d get my order at 10:25pm then at 10:25:pm said it would be at 10:37pm then at 10:37pm called and said they could NOT fill my order! Hey Uber Eats you won’t have to worry about filling any future orders from me!” Armstrong wrote.

Kalya Braxton has experienced this awful customer service before and she commented saying: “See!! They’re horrible!”

This isn’t the first time someone in WWE has been burned by Uber Eats either as Jason Jordan had food straight up stolen from him by a driver.

Maybe next time they can just have pizza delivered because those places keep people on staff to make sure customers get their food.

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