WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 18th, 2018

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The Usos came out and called out The Bar, but Gallows and Anderson came out instead. Karl said he’s tired of seeing the same teams week after week. He said they’re great teams, but last week they had a rap battle and the Good Brothers haven’t been on the show since August.

Gallows said that’s four months that one of the greatest teams in wrestling weren’t on the show. Jimmy said they’re not to blame for The Club “falling through the cracks.” Then they invited The Good Brothers into the ring for a match

The Usos vs The Club

This match started during the commercial break. When we came back, Karl Anderson had control and then tagged Luke Gallows in to continue the abuse to Jimmy Uso.

Anderson and Jey got tags at the same time and Uso took control. Anderson moved out of the way of a hip attack in the corner and then Karl got a two count. Gallows and Jey were in the ring next and Jey kicked out after a sit-down chokeslam.

The Usos clotheslined Gallows out of the ring just after Karl got a blind tag. Uce went for a dive and Anderson kicked him from the apron in midair causing Uso to get tied up in the top rope so the referee had to break him loose. Soon, everyone was on the outside selling for the commercial break.

Finally, after trading near falls left and right, Jimmy Uso landed two superkicks and climbed to the top rope. The Bar came down and distracted Jimmy who hit a splash anyway.

Jimmy went for the pin, but then SAnitY jumped in the ring and everyone too The Usos and The Club out while The Bar stood there in their tracksuits looking a bit confused.

Winners: Nobody

After SAnitY left, The Bar went in and picked up the scraps but beating down everyone who was already down thanks to SAnitY to prove a point.

Backstage Promo

Shinsuke Nakamura asked “I should be afraid of this?” and then they played a bunch of clips from Total Divas where Rusev was showing off his legs, getting naked, dressing as a clown, kissing a baby pig, etc. Shinsuke said that Rusev doesn’t belong on SmackDown, he’s a Total Diva.

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