The May 3rd, 2024 episode of Friday Night SmackDown will be emanating from the LDLC Arena in Lyon-Décines, France and will be taped at 12PM ET and broadcast live on FOX at 8PM ET. Below are the spoiler results for the event.

WWE SmackDown Spoiler Results (5/3/2024):

Dark Match: Rey Mysterio defeated Carlito with a 619, followed by the three count.

Your commentators for this event are Wade Barrett and Corey Graves.

Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles are shown arriving to France, followed by Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. The announcers hype tonight’s Kevin Owens show.


Bayley, Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, and Naomi versus Tiffany Stratton, Dakota Kai, Kairi Sane, and Asuka

Kairi and Naomi kick things off, engaging in a lock-up. Naomi gains control with a wrist lock, but Kairi counters with a punch. Sane follows up with an Irish whip, but Naomi gracefully floats over and surprises Sane with a cheeky move, shaking her rear end in Sane’s face before kicking her away. Naomi then executes a hesitation dropkick followed by a sharp kick to Sane. Bianca tags in and impressively delivers a handspring moonsault, nearly securing a pinfall.

Bianca attempts a slam, but Sane manages to wriggle free. Undeterred, Bianca executes a marching delayed vertical suplex, showcasing her impressive strength. As Bianca sends Asuka tumbling to the floor, Sane retaliates with a spinning back fist. Bayley seizes the opportunity to tag in, and Bianca lands a kick on Sane before exchanging some heated words with Bayley. As Asuka pulls Bianca to the floor, Tiffany enters the ring and delivers a powerful spinebuster to Bayley. We go to commercial.

As we return from the break, Bayley cleverly blocks a double suplex attempt by Asuka and Sane. Asuka follows up with a shoulder strike, Sane adds a knee, and Asuka finishes the combo with a kick, nearly scoring a pinfall. Tiffany enters the fray, choking Bayley against the ropes. Dakota tags in, landing a series of kicks on Bayley. Sane tags back in, setting up Asuka on the turnbuckle for Bayley to inadvertently collide with Asuka’s rear end. Asuka goes for the pin, getting a near fall.

Tiffany takes charge, whipping Bayley across the ring before executing a back handspring elbow in the corner, followed by a snap mare into a cartwheel for an Alabama Slam, also earning a near fall. Tiffany continues her assault with a barrage of strikes, but Bayley fights back with a punch of her own. Tiffany responds with a forearm and kick combination, then takes out Jade from the apron before sending Bayley crashing into Naomi, knocking her off the apron as well.

Bayley manages to counter with a Saito suplex, leaving both competitors down in the ring, catching their breath after the intense exchange.

Reluctantly, Bianca contemplates tagging in, but Jade’s presence on the apron prompts her to make the move. Jade wastes no time, delivering a thunderous bicycle kick followed by a choke slam and a uranage backbreaker. She then targets Dakota with a splash and a powerful powerbomb. In a show of strength, Jade slams Bianca onto Dakota, but Sane intervenes, breaking up the pinfall attempt.

Asuka strikes Jade with a dropkick, Naomi counters with a Bubba Bomb on Asuka, and Tiffany kicks Naomi. Bayley enters the fray with a belly-to-belly suplex on Tiffany, only to be met with a scorpion kick from Dakota. Bianca deftly dodges Dakota’s kick and retaliates with her signature move, the KOD, securing the three-count for her team.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill, Bayley, and Naomi

Kayla Braxton catches up with Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair backstage, querying them about their upcoming tag title match tomorrow. Jade exudes confidence, stating they’re fully prepared for the challenge ahead. Bianca chimes in, expressing her eagerness for closure. She recounts the long-standing rivalry with Damage CTRL, emphasizing that victory tomorrow will mark the end of their feud once and for all.

As the interview unfolds, Naomi and Bayley enter the room, causing Bianca to become a bit flustered. Sensing her partner’s unease, Jade steps in to reassure Bianca, offering a calming presence amidst the tension.

Nick Aldis approaches Carmelo Hayes, urging him to make a strong impression. Hayes reflects on his near-victory against Cody last week and expresses his desire to compete in the King of the Ring tournament.

Bobby Lashley enters the scene, offering congratulations to Hayes for being drafted to Smackdown and for his match against Cody. He extends a supportive hand, telling Hayes to reach out if he needs assistance.

Hayes appreciates the gesture but feels confident after last week’s match. Lashley, however, reminds him of his loss and advises him to ensure his opportunities count. In response, Hayes questions when Lashley last seized his opportunity, prompting a warning from the former champion about showing respect.

Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne versus Akam and Rezar

Dunne and Akam kick things off, with Akam swiftly sending Dunne to the outside. As Akam positions himself on the apron, Dunne surprises him with a flying kick. Back in the ring, Dunne delivers a series of dropkicks to Akam, but the powerful competitor remains on his feet. Dunne attempts a kimura, but Akam catches him.

Tyler Bate tags in, and he and Dunne work together to pummel Akam into the corner. Bate charges in with a running European uppercut followed by another, but Akam counters with a devastating clothesline that sends Bate flipping when he tries for a third. Rezar then enters the fray, unleashing a barrage of punches on Bate.

Rezar sets up for a suplex, but Tyler Bate counters with knees to the head, blocking the move and regaining his footing. Bate unleashes a flurry of punches before attempting a suplex of his own, but he struggles to lift the powerhouse Rezar. In a swift move, Rezar goes for a suplex, but Bate cleverly turns it into a sleeper hold.

Pete Dunne tags in and ascends the turnbuckle, delivering a double stomp to Rezar’s arm. Bate follows up with a dropkick, sending Rezar tumbling to the outside. Dunne then dispatches Akam over the top rope. Seizing the opportunity, Bate leaps from the turnbuckles with a senton onto Akam and Rezar. As Bate springboards back into the ring, Akam catches him on his shoulders and executes a running Death Valley Driver into the turnbuckles.

The action heats up as the intensity of the match intensifies, prompting a break as we head into commercial.

As we return from the commercial break, Rezar executes a punishing side slam on Bate, while Akam follows up with a boot to the face, earning a near fall. Akam continues his assault by repeatedly slamming Bate’s head into the mat.

Rezar takes advantage of Bate’s weakened state, tagging in and applying a relentless bear hug, squeezing the air out of Bate and wearing him down further. The Authors of Pain demonstrate their dominance, keeping Bate firmly in their grasp as they look to assert their authority in the ring.

Bate manages to create some space with a well-timed dropkick, but Akam quickly intervenes, preventing Bate from making the tag. Bate fights back with a series of punches, eventually stunning Akam with a rebound clothesline, leaving both competitors down on the mat. Sensing an opportunity, Dunne tags in and launches into action, delivering an enzuigiri to Akam and a kick to send Rezar to the outside. Dunne ruthlessly stomps on Akam’s hands before landing a dropkick and following up with a moonsault off the apron.

The action intensifies as Dunne executes an Asai DDT on Akam for a near fall. However, his attempt at a moonsault is thwarted when Akam moves out of the way. Bate re-enters the match, delivering a jab followed by a kick, then successfully executing an airplane spin into a Michinoku Driver. Dunne follows up with a shooting star press, but before the three count, chaos ensues.

Rezar attempts to intervene, but Dunne and Bate manage to send him crashing to the outside. Scarlett attempts to distract Dunne, but Bate takes matters into his own hands, diving onto Rezar. However, the distraction allows Kross to enter the fray, delivering a brutal punch to Dunne. Akam and Rezar capitalize on the chaos, executing a devastating sit-out powerbomb and neckbreaker combination on Dunne for the victory.

Winners: Akam and Rezar

The broadcast then shifts focus to the events of last week involving Kevin Owens, Tama Tonga, and Solo Sikoa, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing continuation of the ongoing storylines.

Nick Aldis confronts Paul Heyman, questioning the denial of his request regarding Kevin Owens and Randy Orton’s involvement in the upcoming match at Backlash. Paul coolly responds, stating that he’s washed his hands of the situation and whatever consequences arise are now Nick’s responsibility.

Nick probes further, questioning if Paul’s actions are at the behest of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Paul dismisses the notion, stating that the decision lies solely with Nick. Nick, sensing something amiss, asks Paul if he’s truly in charge. Paul’s response is cryptic, revealing that he hasn’t communicated with Roman since WrestleMania.

Nick Aldis brings up Roman Reigns’ withdrawal from the draft, but Paul Heyman interjects, clarifying that it was he who made the decision, not Roman himself. Heyman explains that he couldn’t subject Roman to the chaos within the Bloodline, thus taking matters into his own hands.

Paul emphasizes the severity of the situation, expressing his concern for Kevin Owens and Randy Orton’s safety in tomorrow’s tag match. Nick proposes a solution, suggesting that Paul can use his influence to persuade Kevin and Randy to abstain from the match. He proposes doing so on the upcoming RKO Show.

As tension mounts, the broadcast heads to a commercial break.

Randy Orton strides confidently into the ring, with Kevin Owens in tow, ready for the RKO Show to begin.

Kevin extends a warm greeting to the people of Lyon in flawless French, inviting everyone to the grand premiere of the RKO show. Randy jests that usually, Kevin would need to do some convincing, but the crowd’s enthusiasm makes it an easy decision. He declares their readiness to join forces against the Bloodline and deliver a decisive beatdown.

Kevin recalls Randy’s reservations about having guests, revealing his own desire for a guest-free, fun-filled event. However, persistent calls from an unwanted caller—Paul Heyman—changed the plan. Kevin recounts the early morning call on Wednesday, where Heyman insisted on making an important announcement.

Turning to Randy, Kevin proposes introducing Heyman, but Randy opts for a different approach, teasing the crowd with the hint of something ominous. Heyman takes the stage, expressing his arrival with respect, admiration, and wisdom.

Paul requests permission to enter the ring, but Kevin jokes that Randy can’t RKO him immediately. Kevin then invites Paul to address the audience.

Paul acknowledges the crowd’s presence and admits his desire for Roman Reigns. He explains his appearance with a simple motive: to convey his deep respect for Randy and Kevin. Paul highlights the unique challenge posed by Solo and Tama, emphasizing the need for caution and suggesting they withdraw from the match for everyone’s benefit.

Randy questions Paul’s intent, wondering if he’s asking them to forfeit the match. Kevin observes the chaos unfolding around them, prompting Randy to inquire about the true Tribal Chief. Paul expresses frustration, blaming Randy for putting him in a difficult spot, asserting that there’s only one true Tribal Chief. Suddenly, Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga launch a surprise attack from behind, targeting Kevin and Randy.

Randy and Solo brawl, spilling out of the ring as they exchange fierce blows. Meanwhile, Kevin and Tama engage in a heated confrontation inside the ring before eventually spilling out as well. Officials attempt to intervene, but their efforts are futile in quelling the chaos. Orton dispatches a security member over the announce table, followed by a brutal back drop driver onto it. Meanwhile, Owens executes a spectacular flip dive, taking out everyone on the floor in a whirlwind of action.

In the backstage area, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins discuss their preparations. Ford mentions their French practice, to which Dawkins responds with a confident “oui.” They both seem determined to secure the tag team championship.

LA Knight versus Angel Garza

The match begins with a lock-up, and Knight gains the upper hand with a side headlock. He follows up with a solid shoulder tackle. Angel counters with a knee strike and a flurry of punches, but Knight retaliates with an uppercut and an Irish whip into the corner, where he delivers a punishing clothesline. Knight executes a swinging neckbreaker, forcing Angel out of the ring.

On the outside, Knight blocks Angel’s punch and delivers a series of head slams into the apron. He then sends Angel back into the ring, only to clothesline him over the top rope to the floor. Knight doesn’t let up, as he follows through with a precise dropkick through the ropes, keeping the pressure on Angel.

Knight continues his assault with punches, sending Angel crashing into the turnbuckle. He follows up with an Irish whip and a devastating clothesline in the corner. Knight executes a powerful suplex, earning a near fall.

As the action heats up, Humberto’s interference briefly distracts Knight, allowing Angel to capitalize with a headbutt. However, Knight quickly regains control, dodging clotheslines and delivering a flying clothesline of his own. He proceeds to punish Angel in the corner with a running knee strike, followed by a powerful power slam and a precise elbow drop.

Knight sets up for his signature move, the BFT (Billionaire’s Face Turn), but Humberto’s distraction momentarily disrupts his momentum. However, Knight refocuses and manages to hit the BFT, securing the three-count for the victory.

Knight grabs the mic, signaling his intention to address the audience. He acknowledges the familiar rhetoric of claiming ownership of the ring, but he asserts that he won’t resort to clichés. Instead, he vows to make the ring his own, especially now that he’s entered the King of the Ring tournament.

Before he can finish, Santos Escobar interrupts, sarcastically commending Knight’s penchant for verbosity. Santos warns Knight that while he’s busy talking, Escobar will be busy winning. Knight responds, joking that he couldn’t hear Santos over the crowd’s chants of “you suck.” He taunts Escobar, suggesting that when he’s done talking, that’s when the real action begins. Knight warns Escobar that once he steps into the ring with him, he’ll realize whose game it truly is.

As we revisit the shocking revelation of Carlito’s attack on Dragon Lee before WrestleMania, Byron Saxton catches up with Carlito to get some answers.

Byron asks Carlito why he targeted Dragon Lee. Carlito explains that after being away from WWE for so long, he was eager for another WrestleMania moment, especially alongside his family. When Rey Mysterio issued the challenge, Carlito assumed he’d be the one chosen. However, Rey’s decision to pick Dragon Lee, who in Carlito’s eyes is a newcomer, struck him as unfair. Carlito emphasizes that it wasn’t personal; he simply felt slighted by the selection.

Before Carlito can elaborate further, Dragon Lee launches a sudden attack, prompting security to intervene. Amidst the chaos, Carlito manages to slip away, evading further confrontation with Dragon Lee.

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford (with B Fab and Bobby Lashley) versus Grayson Waller and Austin Theory for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Theory lands a punch on Dawkins following Waller’s attack on Ford. Waller then enters the ring and delivers a punch to Dawkins, who retaliates with a back elbow. Ford tags in and hits a dropkick, followed by a double flapjack on Theory. Waller strikes Ford, but Ford responds with a uranage. Dawkins tags in and executes a swanton bomb. Waller retreats to the floor, prompting Ford to tag back in and perform a flip dive over both Waller and Theory.

Ford sends Waller back into the ring and tags in Waller. Together, they execute a double belly-to-back suplex. Dawkins follows up with an Irish whip, a twisting splash into the corner, and an enzuigiri, resulting in a near fall.

After the commercial break, Ford knocks Waller off the apron and lands a clothesline on Theory. Theory sends Ford to the apron, but Ford fights back with a forearm and a springboard back elbow, earning a near fall. Theory counters a belly-to-back suplex, leading to an enzuigiri from Ford. Waller executes a springboard coast-to-coast to Dawkins, nearly securing the victory.

Theory tags in and attempts a slingshot rolling dropkick, but Dawkins counters with a POUNCE followed by a Sky High. Ford tags back in and goes for a Doomsday Blockbuster on Theory, nearly getting the win. Dawkins attempts to finish Theory with an O’Connor Roll, but Waller intervenes with a flatliner while the referee checks on Ford. Theory takes advantage of the distraction and secures the three-count for the victory.

The winners of the match are Austin Theory and Grayson Waller.

The action intensifies as we head into commercial break.

Wade Barrett teases an upcoming announcement on social media regarding WrestleMania, building anticipation for fans eager to learn more about the event.

The Countdown segment is set to feature Jackie Redmond, CM Punk, and Big E, offering insights and discussions leading up to the big event. Following the Countdown preview, the focus shifts to the Backlash card, with a rundown of the matches scheduled for the upcoming event.

As the anticipation mounts, AJ Styles makes his grand entrance into the ring. Viewers are brought back from the break with a glimpse into the upcoming international weekend of broadcasts from Saudi Arabia.

Cody Rhodes’s entrance music fills the arena, signaling his arrival in the ring. Cody asks Lyon what do they want to talk about in French. AJ tells Cody he doesn’t care what they want to talk about and Cody is in the ring with him.

Cody mentions he spent his childhood observing AJ’s career in Georgia. AJ dismisses the notion of being Cody’s idol, asserting he’s still at the peak of his abilities. Cody clarifies he wasn’t implying that. AJ discusses fan disrespect, noting their disparate paths. He highlights how Cody’s lineage, being Dusty Rhodes’ son, paved an easier road, even in WWE.

AJ Styles stood in the ring, his voice ringing out with confidence and determination. He spoke of his journey, one devoid of the support of legendary figures or Hall of Famers, unlike his counterpart. AJ emphasized his solo ascent to the summit of wrestling excellence, declaring his victory over all adversaries, a feat he vowed to repeat by conquering Cody at Backlash. With unwavering conviction, AJ proclaimed his intention to reclaim his position at the top, asserting his phenomenal prowess to Cody and the world.

However, Cody wasn’t swayed by AJ’s rhetoric. He challenged AJ’s attempts to downplay his own achievements, refusing to allow AJ to undermine himself. Acknowledging the significance of their impending clash, Cody asserted that their matchup wasn’t just a dream encounter but a defining moment, marking his first title defense. As the tension crackled in the air, Cody extended a gesture of respect, albeit with a hint of defiance, reminding AJ that tomorrow, he would face not a legend, but his first formidable challenge.

In a final gesture, Cody dropped the microphone, signaling the end of their verbal exchange. AJ, ever the provocateur, flashed the iconic Bullet Club gesture before delivering a stinging slap to Cody’s face, punctuating their confrontation.

As the scene unfolded in the ring, chaos erupted backstage. Solo Sikoa, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and Tama Tonga clashed in a chaotic brawl, chairs swinging and tempers flaring. Amidst the melee, Randy seized the opportunity, striking Solo with a vicious blow, amplifying the chaos.

The screen faded to black, credits roll.

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