WWE RAW Format Sheet LEAKED Revealing Match Production Details

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There are a lot of pieces of paper floating around backstage in WWE that fans will never see. However, every now and then something seems to leak out to give us a peek behind the curtain.

Reddit user ajstylesbc uploaded a picture claiming to be of a one-page format sheet from last night’s episode of RAW.  You can check it out below to see match specifics backstage including match producers and referees.

It’s always interesting to know who produces what matches during RAW. It looks like the last hour of the show, which was the women’s gauntlet match had two producers in TJ Wilson and Jason Jordan. Those two could have made an amazing tag team had their careers not been suddenly stopped due to neck issues.

This was just the first show WWE recorded that night in Sacremento because they got the Christmas Eve episode of RAW taken care of later that night. You can check out those results here.

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