Vince McMahon Furious At Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose At WWE TLC

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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had a twenty-two-minute match at WWE TLC and the fans were not having it. There were “this is boring” chants as well which is never a good sign at all.

Dave Meltzer discussed this match on Wrestling Observer Radio where he explained how this encounter actually fell in the “buffer match” position which Divas matches used to fall on the card. The only big change in 2018 is that the two matches people wanted to see the most were the matches for the Women’s Championships.

“The interest level in the crowd was not with these guys,” Meltzer explained.

It was said that there were many reasons why this match didn’t seem to click and it was noted that: Vince was “furious” as well. Seth and Dean did their best to pick things up once the “this is boring” chants started, but it didn’t save the match much.

After a hateful blood feud, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had a wrestling match which didn’t seem to fit with their storyline.

You never know how this might go on to affect things in the future, but maybe Vince McMahon will simply see this as more validation that the Women’s Division needs even more of a focus.

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