WrestleMania 35 is coming to East Rutherford New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium on April 7th. The easy part is booking the venue at this point, and now WWE needs to stack a show worthy of the WrestleMania name.
There are plenty of options available, but a few big hints and rumors have already been dropped that could help us predict at least a few top matches for the upcoming Mania card.
There are likely to be even more matches for WrestleMania than WWE TLC’s dozen seeing how it is usually given a few more hours of broadcast time. The undercard matches can be arranged as time goes on, but a few marquee matches could already be penciled in.
We’ve gathered up the most likely matches for WrestleMania next year that have been bouncing around. You never know what can happen in WWE especially while Vince McMahon is in charge. So please keep that in mind as you enjoy this list.
Triple H vs Batista
Evolution had their big reunion for one-night-only at SmackDown 1000 and they dropped a huge hint on the WWE Universe when Batista said that Triple H hasn’t defeated him yet. This caused The Game to give Batista a look as if to say, “We’ll just see about that.”
At this point, Triple H is injured, therefore he’s not cleared to compete. He tore his pectoral muscle off the bone at the WWE Crown Jewel event pretty early in his main event match with Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker and Kane. Since then he’s been rehabbing his injury.
Triple H is working hard and hopes to be cleared as soon as possible. Whether that means a WrestleMania match against Batista is in the cards or not is another story, but it’s very interesting.
Of course, even if Triple H can’t receive medical clearance in time, Randy Orton is still around and placing him against Batista would make a lot of sense as well. They were both in Evolution so WWE could continue that story. However, Orton vs Batista might not have the same appeal that The King Of Kings vs The Animal would.

Shawn Michaels vs Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan had many people help influence his career, but Shawn Michaels is credited for being one of the first people to train the current WWE Champion. They haven’t been able to have a match yet, but that might change.
We’ve heard rumors that HBK’s in-ring career isn’t over and WWE Crown Jewel proved that he could still go in the ring. Therefore, you never know when another match for Michaels could be coming. He’s surprised us before and he’s likely to do it again.
Daniel Bryan’s new heel persona would provide a perfect opportunity for him to spar with a huge babyface in Shawn Michaels. The two could have a WrestleMania match with a lot of possibilities of stealing the show.
Therefore, this one is rumored and to us, it sounds plausible. A big telling sign is whether Daniel Bryan is still the WWE Champion when Mania rolls around. Because as hard as it is to imagine Shawn Micheals coming back for more matches at 53-years-old, it’s even more difficult to picture HBK as WWE Champion.

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns’ departure from WWE caused them to throw a lot of plans out of the window. The WWE Universal Championship obviously wasn’t supposed to be relinquished on October 22nd, but it was. Vince McMahon did what he thought was best for business so he put the Universal Title back on Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel. Now someone needs to take it off of him.
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter first reported that Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins is the plan for WrestleMania. It was also said that WWE planned at the time to bring up Roman Reigns’ leukemia in a big way during that program.
Only time will tell if recent fan outrage on WWE for using Reigns’ illness in the Dean Ambrose/ Seth Rollins storyline will cause WWE to rethink using The Big Dog in the WrestleMania build, but you can never put anything past them.
It will be very interesting to see if Lesnar walks into Mania with the WWE Universal Title to give Rollins a chance to walk out of two WrestleMania events with a top title in WWE.

Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch is The Man and she has proven that to the fans at this point. The only people who need convincing are backstage in WWE. Her match against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series was ruined by Nia Jax and a botched punch that caused Lynch a severe concussion and a broken nose. It didn’t take long for fans and experts to call for a rescheduling of this encounter on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.
There are a few ways WWE could make this match happen, but Lynch dropping her SmackDown Women’s Title might need to take place. After all, she is in a perfect place to lose her title without causing her to actually suffer a pinfall loss at WWE TLC.
It seems like Charlotte Flair might be in the mix as well so this match could always become a triple threat. Vince McMahon loves booking multi-person Mania matches, after all. The fans and Lynch would prefer a one-on-one encounter though.
If everything goes according to plan and they roll into WrestleMania with as much heat on this story as they have right now, there’s also a very strong possibility that this match could be the main event for the entire show. This would be a historic moment where women headline Wrestlemania for the first time ever.

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