Elias Destroys Bobby Lashley With Loaded Tweet Before WWE TLC

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Elias is used to burning crowds with his songs, but when he takes his talents to Twitter, The Drifter can be fire.

Bobby Lashley turned heel recently and Elias swapped to being a babyface. With this babyface turn came some extra freedom for Elias to show even more personality.

Lashley tried to psyche Elias out before their WWE TLC ladder match by saying: “You guys want a spoiler for #WWETLC?? 3 days from now, you’ll hear a guitar strum from Elias, my music, a couple slams, & the referee count 1-2-3. Get used to it boys and girls. The #AllMighty is taking the next step to becoming the #UniversalChampion you can be proud of!”

It didn’t take long for Elias to come back with one of the best replies we’ve seen in a while. “It’s a ladder match & it ends when I smash your dumb ass with a guitar. I’ve spent the better part of 2018 making you relevant & giving you every opportunity to have a personality. You’ve managed to fail at both. At TLC I put you behind me and ascend to space in 2019.”

This ladder match is expected to end via pinfall according to Dave Meltzer. Either way, Elias plans to be the one laying Lashley out with his instrument of choice at WWE TLC on Sunday.

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