Becky Lynch Says Everybody Is Warming Themselves On The Fire She Started

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Becky Lynch’s rise to the top of the SmackDown Women’s Division wasn’t easy for her to pull off. There were plenty of weeks when she was ignored in the storyline, but when Lynch had a chance to show what she could do, the fans popped at the idea of her push so it happened.

Lynch spoke to E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness and revealed the frustration of still not being featured as the face of SmackDown in spite of her rise in popularity. In the end, it’s the company’s decision, but she’s doing all she can to fight even when she wasn’t medically allowed to.

“I still see, I walk into SmackDown on Tuesday and I see the posters and the only woman on there is Charlotte and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, no matter how much things change they stay the same.’ I’m the champ and I’m still not on those posters.”

“There is that I’m still not the face of the face of the company no matter how much interest I’m drumming up right now, I’m still not the chosen one. That’s fine, that’s fine because that gives me a lot more fuel to the fire.”

“Right now everybody’s warming themselves on the fire that I started. They’re sitting around with their blankets at this campfire talking about how I buried them on Twitter or how I said this or I said that. Well, look I’m just coming at you from a place of truth. That’s all I’m doing. I’m just telling the truth. They can complain about how I haven’t been able to be in the ing etc etc. I got sucker-punched, right? I haven’t been able to do what I love to do which is go out there and fight every night.”

“So what do I do? I fight with my mouth. So I’m running my mouth a little bit more on social media now and I love it because it’s getting everybody hot.”

Becky Lynch might have some way to go before she wins over the WWE management. She already has the fans though which should be the harder battle to win. It’s crazy to think that WWE doesn’t want to push someone as red hot as Becky Lynch, but that’s their agenda. The only thing she can do is keep being The Man until everybody pays attention.

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