WWE TLC Could Be An Early Christmas Present To Make Fans Happy

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Christmastime is coming and everyone is in the Holiday Spirit of wanting to create good feelings, even Vince McMahon apparently. The babyfaces have come out looking pretty good on the last few weeks of Raw. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable even became Raw Tag Team Champions defeating the dastardly AOP in a match that was essentially Lucha House Party Rules against the babyfaces.

WWE TLC is an absolutely loaded card with eleven matches announced so far. You never know if Braun Strowman’s match might need to be booked shorter just in case he’s not 100% good to go.

Bryan Alvarez noted on Wrestling Observer Live that WWE’s trend of booking Raw in order to put their audiences in a good mood might even carry on through the WWE TLC event. Happy times can’t last forever though as it’s likely that the heat-inducing antics will pick right back up very soon after that.

“We’re also into the Christmas season though so it’s possible that they’re going to do a happy ending and do two weeks of happy TV and then bring the heat back in January.”

Royal Rumble is WWE’s next destination following WWE TLC this Sunday. It could be possible that WWE will give their fans an early Christmas present by booking a pay-per-view to make them happy.

Of course, you can also never count WWE out when it comes to loving a good swerve to catch the fans off-guard. Only time will tell what the future will bring, but in the neverending story of WWE, there is a need to have breaks in the usual theme in order for more stories to build.

The Road To WrestleMania will be starting soon at the Royal Rumble in Phoenix. Therefore, WWE TLC could be their way of positioning the main players in a starting point heading toward a WrestleMania destination.

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