Fox Could Have The Power To Schedule WWE At Any Night & Time Slot If Ratings Don’t Improve

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WWE’s new deal with Fox is expected to turn SmackDown into the A-Show. The network television market could be a real gamechanger for WWE and everyone involved. However, there could be a catch.

One fan asked Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer if the WWE ratings continue to slump, could USA Network and Fox back out of the two huge deals they have in place with WWE for the next five years.

“I don’t know the contractual clauses but I wouldn’t expect that to happen. They’ll run them for the term and at the end of the term (five years) then they’ll make decisions. FOX could switch days and times,” Meltzer replied.

Therefore, this could open Fox and USA to the possibility that RAW and SmackDown aren’t set in stone for primetime slots on Monday and Fridays.

WWE might need to pull the nose up on their plummeting ratings if they think they have an answer up their sleeves. Because you never know when a deal could go south, even after they sign on the dotted line.

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