Enzo Amore Says Personal Advice From Oil Tycoon Influenced His Rap Lyrics

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Enzo Amore is rapping now under the name NZO. His first single “Grace” recently dropped and it’s worth a listen. The song is dedicated to his grandmother and tells a pretty cool story.

During the song, it’s hard not to notice a very interesting quote where NZO raps: “You always lose money chasing ladies, but you never lose ladies chasing money.”

One fan commented on how great that line was and NZO revealed that it was actually lifted from something that was said to him by oil tycoon Paul Sigmund. It’s pretty great advice so NZO decided to include it in the song.

If you haven’t heard Grace yet, you can check out the video below to see what The Realest Guy In The Room has been up to lately.


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