Ric Flair Reveals What He Thought Of Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

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Charlotte Flair & Asuka’s rematch on SmackDown Live this week certainly made the headlines, with The Queen’s father Ric Flair taking it upon himself to weigh in.

Ric has never been shy when it comes to voicing his opinions on professional wrestling, and in particular, his opinion on his daughter Charlotte. It’s no secret that she has been one of the most consistent female performers on the main roster since being called up, but courtesy of Becky Lynch’s rise, it feels like the fans have turned on her ever so slightly.

Nonetheless, her rematch with the Empress of Tomorrow was enough to make many members of the WWE Universe forget about that – and it seems as if the 16-time world champion agrees with the praise.

His remark that the match ‘lived up to everything and more’ seems to indicate that he also felt it was better than their WrestleMania 34 match, although that’s up for debate. That bout was considered to be the match of the night in New Orleans.

While there was no definitive winner last night there almost certainly will be on Sunday, and right now, it’s anyone’s guess regarding who will come out of WWE TLC with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The match, for many, will likely decide the favourite to win the 2019 women’s Royal Rumble match.

While Lynch is still on fire right now Charlotte and Asuka are also at the top of their game, and you just never know when WWE is going to throw a swerve in the mix.

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