Bayley’s Fiance Aaron Solow Should Never Google Himself Again

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Aaron Solow is more than just Bayley’s boyfriend, in fact, he is also a pretty good indie wrestler in his own right. The two are able to make it work and Aaron is very secure with Bayley’s success, but that doesn’t make Googling himself any easier.

Solow has worked for years on the indie scene and picked up a few titles as well such as the Dojo Pro Black Belt Champion which he has held for over 250 days and counting at this point. He just wanted to check and see if he was on a show, but he didn’t think he would find what he did.

It’s not easy to Google yourself when you’re somewhat of a celebrity, especially if your girl is a WWE Superstar. Solow gets plenty of grief just because people are jealous that he’s with The Hugger, after all.

“Just vanity searched my name to see if I got booked on PWG, instead I found out the internet is a mean place. Also found out I’m not booked,” Solow revealed on Twiter.

Maybe next time he’ll just check his email to see if PWG sent him something to his inbox instead.

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