AJ Styles’ Reported WWE WrestleMania Opponent Revealed

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WWE’s WrestleMania event is only a few months away and they are doing their best to make sure that they have a card worthy of the famous event’s name. In all reality though, people are already buying tickets with no matches announced, so they’ll probably have a packed stadium regardless.

AJ Styles losing the WWE Championship was rather unexpected for several fans, but it might play into WWE’s new plans for WrestleMania.

Joes Peisich noted on Barnburner‘s No Holds Barred podcast that AJ Styles vs Randy Orton is currently penciled in for WrestleMania. This would be a very interesting contest that we haven’t had a chance to see on that big of a stage.

The timing for WrestleMania is very interesting as well seeing how AJ Styles’ current WWE contract might be up very soon after The Show Of Shows next year.

At this point in the game, WWE seems to still be working out the details of next year’s Mania event. Roman Reigns’ illness really threw them for a loop and forced WWE to make some big changes. Now we will just have to wait and see what happen as WWE tries to make the best out of this unexpected situation.

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