Indie Wrestler Thrown Through The Ring During Steel Cage Match

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You never know what could happen in pro wrestling and fans at the IWC event last night got more than their money’s worth. Jack Pollock faced Wardlow in an intense steel cage encounter and they literally tore the ring apart. The thing is that fans weren’t even expecting a steel cage match, let alone what would happen to conclude the contest.

One fan wrote: “I went to IWC Wrestling last night and the main event was a best of 3 falls match, after the second fall the house lights came on, the room divider rolled up to reveal an entire second ring with a cage attached for the 3rd fall. It was such a rad and surprising reveal!”

It looked like Pollock was going to become the recipient of a Death Valley Driver or something even more punishing from the top rope. Instead, Wardlow dropped him straight down and Pollock went through the ring.

The crowd popped huge at this insane spot that they weren’t expecting in the slightest. You can check out the carnage below.

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