Contest Changed To Ladder Match For WWE TLC

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WWE TLC is set to be a packed pay-per-view event. We have a lot of matches and there will be plenty of opportunities for carnage.

Now it seems like one match has even higher stakes as well. Elias and Bobby Lashley are feuding and were already set for a match at WWE TLC. After the way things turned out in the match between Lio Rush and Elias this week, their match is now a ladder match.

There is also a special catch to this match as well! Because of the fact, Lashley smashed a guitar over Elias this week on RAW, there will be a guitar hanging above the ring. So the winner will be the first one to get the guitar and then he can use it against his opponent (or at least that’s the idea).

This could be interesting because if there’s a guitar hanging over the ring, then maybe Elias will have to do an acapella set before his match with Bobby Lashley this Sunday.

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