Big Update On Colt Cabana’s Lawsuit Against CM Punk

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CM Punk went on Colt Cabana’s Art Of Wrestling podcast several years ago and said a number of things that caused WWE’s doctor Chris Amann to come out and sue the two of them. During this lawsuit, Punk and Cabana’s friendship became strained and not much of it might be intact at this point.

Dr. Chris Amann was not successful in suing Punk and Cabana and we thought that would be the end of that story. As it turns out, there was another chapter yet to be written and this sequel included Punk and Cabana having it out.

Cabana sued CM Punk for acting out of fraud and malice during their legal case. There was an issue of Punk paying for Cabana’s legal bills as they started to mount up even though CM Punk promised to take care of Cabana. Therefore, Colt was suing Punk for $1 punitive damages and $200,000 to pay for the legal fees that Colt was stuck with.

PW Insider reports that the lawsuit between Cabana and Punk was completely thrown out of court last month by Judge Daniel Kubasiak of the Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois. This case was not thrown out without prejudice, therefore Colt Cabana capitalized on his opportunity to re-file which he did 10 days later.

Now Cabana has a new filing which is one page shorter from the previous 15-page document. Colt alleges that he agreed to pursue the legal battle with Dr. Chris Amann only if Punk would pay his legal bills. Also, as part of that agreement, Cabana had to not submit to Dr. Chris Amann’s demands to take down the podcast.

Colt Cabana is saying in the new lawsuit that if Punk wasn’t going to pay for the attorneys then Colt was going to get his own representation. Punk was allegedly aware of the fact that Colt was going to settle with Amann and cease his help of Punk in his defense against Amann.

Therefore, it is said that Punk only kept Colt Cabana on his side so he would assist in the case against him. The new lawsuit says that if Punk hadn’t agreed to pay for Colt’s legal fees then Cabana would have “complied with each of Amann’s demands in the Demand Letter.”

Cabana is of the opinion that had he simply agreed to Dr. Chris Amann’s initial demands then he wouldn’t have been dragged into the lawsuit thus requiring legal fees which CM Punk is currently being sued for. Cabana is now only asking for at least $200,000 without the $1 million in punitive damages attached. Colt Cabana is requesting that this case is conducted in a jury trial.

It was also said in the new lawsuit that “Brooks breached each of the Indemnity Agreement and the Renewed Indemnity Agreement by failing to cover any of Colton’s costs, expenses, and attorney fees incurred in connection with defending against the claims made against Colton in the Amman Lawsuit after March 10, 2017.”

This situation is getting even more complicated because even after a judge threw out Colt Cabana’s first lawsuit, it appears he was able to file another one. We will keep you updated on any new events in this situation as they continue to develop.

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