Why Colt Cabana Is Suing CM Punk


Colt Cabana was taken through the legal process against his own will when his podcast with CM Punk went viral and upset WWE’s doctor Chris Amann. The duo won against WWE’s doc, but now Cabana is left with a hefty legal bill.

Now Cabana is suing his old friend for legal fees using fraud and breach of contract as his basis. It is said in the lawsuit filed earlier this week that Punk assured Cabana that he was “100% in the clear” when it came to the lawsuit and Punk would also pay Cabana’s legal fees. They even signed a contract which said Punk would pick up the attorney’s tab.

Then Punk turned around and demanded that Cabana fork over half of the money for his fees and Cabana decided to get another attorney. Punk’s attorney told Cabana that he would be willing to work with him even though he was “unwilling” to pay his half of the fees and told Cabana that Punk would pay it so Cabana stayed with his and Punk’s attorney.

Then Cabana was dropped by his attorney and he believes it was Punk’s doing. Cabana was then forced to get another attorney and he is suing Punk for that attorney’s fees of $200,000 along with  $1 million in punitive and exemplary damages.

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