John Cena is a huge name in WWE so just announcing that he will be making a town is going to bring in a lot more people. He is an attraction at this point, and he might not even have to wrestle an actual match in order for fans to feel like they got their money’s worth. This very well could be the case for Cena for a couple of reasons.
The Rock hasn’t been able to perform in WWE since he injured himself while wrestling Cena at WrestleMania. This injury for The Rock meant that Hercules needed to be pushed back months costing the movie studio a lot of money. At this stage in his career, The Rock is insured by a lot of people who have a ton of money riding on his name. Cena might be in the same situation soon as well.
Cena’s upcoming Madison Square Garden appearance was previously booked and promoted as a match, but then the wording was changed on the advertisement to read that it would simply be “John Cena’s MSG Return.” This is clever wording and doesn’t give us a lot of confidence about what they will be doing exactly.
The same could be the instance on the following night as John Cena is advertised as a guest on Miz TV at a house show. So this makes us wonder what John Cena’s role will be during those shows.
It stands to reason why John Cena wouldn’t be allowed to get too physical in a WWE ring right not. Not only does he have to do a ton of promotion for Bumblebee, but he always has a number of projects lined up as well. An injury to Cena at this point might cancel some kind of production and cost people their jobs.
With that kind of pressure, it is possible that John Cena’s new routine at live events might just be to show up, salute the fans, and get into some kind of verbal interaction with a heel.
Cena is great off the cuff and if he spent 5 minutes on the microphone the fans would be entertained enough. Then John Cena could always jump in the ring and do a couple of his Moves Of Doom to leave the bad guy looking at the lights. It really helps that aside from the shoulder tackle, Cena’s Moves Of Doom are rather low impact.
Only time will tell when we’ll see John Cena wrestle again, but his last few matches have been very watered down. He’s not risking any kind of injury at this point because he knows all too well that injuries are always unexpected and can happen during the smallest movement. So John Cena might just have to limit his matches altogether at this point in his career. After all, he might be giving up decades of substantial future income with one slip in the ring.

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