Indie Wrestler Fires Shot At Ricochet’s “Kaka Charisma & Overpriced Body” After Joke Goes Badly

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Ricochet has a lot of friends in the pro wrestling business and it turns out that he might have one less after today. He tweeted a joke out to “All Ego” Ethan Page that didn’t go over as planned. Then Page proceeded to unloaded on the NXT North American Champion.

The One And Only tweeted out: “You need to head to the gym.” This tweet has been since deleted because Page didn’t take it well at all.

“You need to grow to be the size of an adult & learn how to cut a promo that doesn’t sound like Bugs Bunny stuttering. We all have faults,’ Page fired back. Ricochet responded but has since deleted that tweet as well.

Ethan Page continued saying: “You wouldn’t tweet that to Samoa Joe or Bray Wyatt. Because you respect them. You don’t respect me. Which is fine. I just don’t have to tolerate your kaka charisma & overpriced body trying to tell me what’s wrong with me. I’m doing alright ‘friend’ C U down the line.”

This is not how Ricochet thought things would end up at all when he made an attempt at humor. Needless to say, we might have all learned a lesson with this one.

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