Randy Orton’s Wife Gloats After Destroying Him In Checkers

Randy Orton might be The Viper on SmackDown Live, but that’s only because his wife isn’t there to challenge him to a game of checkers. Orton’s wife Kim recently posted some photographic evidence of Randy playing checkers and taking a big loss in the process.

Checkers is different than pro wrestling in many ways, mainly for Orton, he can’t win the match with an RKO outa nowhere. This looked to be a pretty one-sided match on the checkerboard for Randy considering how many lighter colored checkers there are left on the board as opposed to darker ones.

“Nothing like a little ass whooping in checkers before bed,” Kim Orton wrote on Instagram along with a couple pictures to show Orton’s frustration before his eventual defeat.

As part of Orton’s new WWE contract, he gets more time off the road so he can stay at home with his family. Maybe he will get enough practice to give his wife a challenge next time they decide to play a board game.