TJP Posts First Pro Wrestling Headshots When He Was 14-Years-Old

TJP is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and he used to be called TJ Perkins, but on the indies, he went by many monikers such as El Bombero, Pinoy Boy, Puma, and more. He also wrestled in Impact Wrestling as Manik where he became X Division Champion.

The 34-year-old has been wrestling for a very long time and landed in WWE after nine years working for PWG and ROH among other indie companies. TJP recently shared some of his original pro wrestling headshots, and time certainly changes a lot of things since he started in the business.

“Someone came across these recently and showed them to me…wow I was so tough when I was 14-15. I wouldn’t have messed with me,” TJP tweeted out along with a picture of his old headshots.

It’s a good thing that TJP has been able to grow up a little bit, but not too much. After all, he’s incredibly talented but as one of the smaller guys in WWE, it’s a good reason they have 205 Live.