Scott Dawson’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Was Traumatized By Lucha House Party Assault On WWE RAW

Scott Dawson didn’t have the greatest time on WWE RAW this week and he got his eye swollen shut to prove it. The Lucha House Party ran wild all over his Top Guy self and Dawson ended up taking a 3 on 1 defeat. He doesn’t think this is fair, and he’s not the only one. Try convincing The Lucha House Party they’re in the wrong though.

Lince Dorado tweeted out: “I will not apologize for #LuchaHouseRules or the shenanigans that goes on today’s episode of 205 Live! For those that like it, #LHP loves you! For those that don’t, still don’t care #extreme” #WeAreHavingFun.” Apparently, this fun only applies to the Lucha House Party because Scott Dawson didn’t enjoy their match on RAW at all, and neither did his young daughter.

“You don’t care?! Well, my 4-year-old daughter cared when she watched 3 grown men jump me and give me a swollen eye!! #JusticeForTheRevival,” Dawson replied.

The Revival started a petition to have Lucha House Party Rules suspended from WWE. At this point they have almost 4,000 signatures, 3,984 to be exact. So you never know if The Revival’s wish might be granted and we could see an end to the luchador-friendly gimmick match soon enough.