Roman Reigns Could Appear On WWE Television Again Soon

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Roman Reigns started off the October 22nd edition of WWE RAW with one of the saddest announcements we’ve heard in a very long time. He has leukemia and was forced to go home and focus on getting better. He gave up the WWE Universal Title in the process and we haven’t seen him on WWE television since, but he promised that he will beat leukemia and he will be back.

We previously reported that Kurt Angle posted some great photos from Fort Hood where WWE is filming Tribute To The Troops, but it looks like he’s not alone. Because PW Insider reports Roman Reigns is also there for the festivities.

It will be interesting if Roman Reigns appears on the broadcast which will air on the USA Network on December 20th at 8:00 pm. At this point, WWE isn’t advertising any matches for the special, but they might be planning something a bit differently for the 16th annual Tribute To The Troops special.

The last we saw from Roman Reigns he was looking happy to be in the end zone before his alma mater Georgia Tech faced their bitter rivals the Georgia Bulldogs.

If Roman Reigns does show up during the special then that will be his first WWE appearance since he left due to illness. It is very hard to believe that WWE would have Roman Reigns around and not point a camera at him though.

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