Why WWE Passed On Inducting DX Into The Hall Of Fame 5 Years Ago

WWE has a lot of options of who they can induct into their Hall Of Fame. But it seems like they’re keeping a big one in their back pocket just in case they need them down the line. The only question is whether or not the WWE HOF will be ready when the time comes to break it down.

Mike Johnson revealed during PW Insider Elite audio that WWE actually had plans to induct D-Generation X as an entire unit into the WWE Hall Of Fame. This would not only have made HBK a two-time WWE Hall Of Famer, but also given Chyna a spot in that prestigious club as well.

“WWE had talked about putting DX in last time they had the Hall Of Fame at Madison Square Garden when they wanted it to be built around Bruno Sammartino and at first Bruno had turned down the overture and then later reconsidered.”

“So before Bruno reconsidered the idea was to put DX, the entire group in. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn and Chyna and everybody else. So that would have made Shawn a two-time Hall Of Famer and my guess is at some point they’ll pull DX out and that’ll be the unit that they need for the year where they don’t have a clear-cut top talent going in as the headline act.”

If WWE keeps up their current trend then you never know when they might run out of big names to headline the event. After all, they seem to put more people in the HOF every year than they really need to. This is especially true considering how long the ceremony is anyway. But if I were a betting man they’ll need DX’s services again soon enough. Let’s just hope they do all go in as one big unit as initially planned.

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