Drew McIntyre Suffers First Loss Since His WWE Return This Week On RAW

RAW was supposed to feature a Drew McIntyre Appreciation Night segment to praise the former NXT Champion. Baron Corbin was slathering on the praise and then McIntyre took the mic and did the same for himself as well.

Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler, McIntyre’s former Raw Tag Team Championship partner walked down and wondered where his invitation was for the party. This resulted in McIntyre turning on Dolph right in front of him and a match was booked to take place right then and there by the Acting RAW GM Baron Corbin.

Drew and Dolph had a barnburner of a match and they really pulled out a bunch of stops. But in the end, this match was used as a story devise as McIntyre’s TLC opponent Finn Balor walked to the ring and provided a bit of a distraction.

In spite of Balor being present at ringside, they carried on with the match. Suddenly, in a moment when the referee was distracted, Balor nailed a shotgun dropkick to McIntyre that bounced him off the barricade. Drew barely got in by the time the referee counted to 10 so the match continued, but as soon as he re-entered the ring, Dolph Ziggler nailed him with a Superkick and got the pinfall.

Finn Balor looked very proud of himself, and he should be. Because he assisted Drew in attaining his first loss via pinfall or submission since returning to WWE. McIntyre remained undefeated through NXT and had to forfeit his title due to injury only to make a RAW debut when he was ready for a return.

Now Drew McIntyre is rolling into TLC with an even bigger chip on his shoulder because he has a loss on his record thanks to Finn Balor.