Lio Rush Threatens Coming Back To Ricochet’s “School” To Take His Title

Ricochet is not the Man Of The Hour, but he is the One And Only. Lio Rush, who is the MOTH has apparently gotten a little sick of Ricochet at this point so he’s threatening to do something about it.

Lio Rush recently had a message how he was better than the common men out there because they aren’t money like he is. But Ricochet had to come to their defense by saying that he is actually better than Lio Rush.

“Trevor Mann > Man Of The Hour,” Ricochet tweeted out. Of course, Mann is Ricochet’s real name so he might have taken some actual offense to that statement.

Rush fired back saying: “I suggest you watch your mouth before I come back to your school of NXT and take your title.” To refer to NXT as a “school” is one thing, but to say he’s going to take Ricochet’s NXT North American Title is another even more interesting idea.

Rush didn’t spend a whole lot of time in NXT and even less time on NXT TV during his time in developmental. So Rush vs Ricochet might be something that would be pretty awesome to see in WWE. Ricochet doesn’t seem too worried about it tho.

In case you’re wondering, they have met on the indies before and it was brilliant. Rush’s PWG debut match was actually against Ricochet and you can also check out those highlights below.