Ricochet Defends His Decision to Go to WWE

NXT North American Champion Ricochet was once said to be one of the hottest wrestlers not to be signed to WWE. His signing with the company early in the year was met with widely positive reactions, and despite being a notable member of the NXT roster since arriving, Ricochet has attracted a fair amount of criticism.

Some fans have hated the style that Ricochet represents. He and rival Will Ospreay had a match back at the Battle of the Super Juniors in 2016 that many wrestlers and fans alike called nothing but a choreographed dance routine, while others applauded the two up-and-coming stars for their impressive athletic ability.

In coming to WWE, Ricochet was received well at first. His rise up the card and him capturing the NXT North American Championship were two huge positive moments for him in terms of fan support. However, it seems that amidst the NXT UK contract news, Ricochet has garnered more negative reactions.

As mentioned, Ricochet was a top performer while not employed by WWE. His decision to go to the behemoth that is NXT has led to many fans calling Ricochet nothing but a “sell out,” despite the Superstar acknowledging since his early days as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground that NXT was the goal for him.

Ricochet replied to one fan on Twitter, who claimed that Ricochet was a proverbial “sell out.” The Champion defends himself, noting that he worked hard for over fifteen years to get to where he is, working in countless independent promotions around the globe. If trying to improve himself and prove he can be a ‘someone’ in the biggest professional wrestling company in the world then he is ok with being told he “sold out.”‘

The tweet has garnered a lot of positive feedback, with commentators agreeing with Ricochet. Check out a few of the responses below:

You can look at the tweet yourselves to see even more positive reactions for the North American Champion.

Where do you stand on the argument of a wrestling star “selling out” for money or fame? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.