The Rock Reacts To John Krasinski Sending Him Naked Selfies

John Krasinski is more than just Jim from The Office at this point in his career. He’s starring in action television shows and taking on much more serious dramatic roles. He also got to know Dwayne Johnson pretty well too and even received permission to use The Great One’s gym.

But as Krasinski informed Ellen DeGeneres, he didn’t know what to do once he stepped into The Rock’s personal gym. But he did have time to snap a couple naked selfied to send to The People’s Champ.

The Rock commented on Twitter saying: “I told John Krasinski when you use my gym, send me a pic of you getting after it. I soon realized he and I had two VERY different meanings of “getting after it”. Unfortunately, I can never un-see a naked Krasinski.”

This prompted Ellen to respond: “You’ve never invited me to your gym and I send you nude photos all the time.”

The Rock probably has a very good reason for keeping people out of his personal gym, and this very well might be a big one.