Chris Jericho Spotted With Impact Wrestling Executives

Chris Jericho is a free agent and he can work where ever he wants at this point. If he wanted to work for Bob’s Backyard Promotion, he could if Bob could cover Jericho’s price tag.

Chris Jericho also has some important friends which makes doing deals so much easier to pull off.

“Great time hanging out and chatting with Impact Wrestling’s Ed Nordholm, Don Callis, and Scott DAmore with a special appearance by Todd Irvine last night in Toronto,” Jericho posted on Instagram along with a picture of the gang at Bardi’s Steak House.

They really looked like they were having a great time and makes Y2J’s intentions very curious. There are a lot of possible big deals floating around out there in the world of pro wrestling. Jericho just so happens to be a big story himself and the rumors about possibly being involved in The Elite’s new pro wrestling company might make things even more interesting.

Either way, Jericho, Ed, Scott, Don, and Ted had a great time in Toronto.