Multiple Main Roster WWE Superstars Want To Face Toni Storm

Toni Storm came very close to winning the second Mae Young Classic and it seems that her career is just getting going in WWE. At this stage in her career, she might be on the NXT UK roster, but she obviously has some big dreams.

When asked by the Sports Bible about her dream opponent, the 23-year-old New Zealander only had one name in mind, The Man herself Becky Lynch. The current SmackDown Women’s Champion has even said that she’s like to face Storm, but apparently, The Boss Sasha Banks would like to face Toni as well.

“I’ve always dreamt of having a match with Becky Lynch. I’ve always wanted that to happen. She said it at the 2017 Mae Young that she would love a match. And then I was speaking to Sasha [Banks] in a recent interview and she said she would love to step in the ring with me. Actually, kind of thinking about it that might be quite good!”

If WWE knows how to book matches that fans want to see, then we very well could be watching Storm and Lynch throw down eventually, but it looks like both Storm and Lynch are going to busy in the meantime as they continue down their own career paths.