JBL Explains Why He Made Such Threatening Comments Against Cody Rhodes

JBL recently went on a bit of a Twitter outburst when he called out Cody Rhodes claiming that he could beat him up. He even took a shot at The American Dream Dusty Rhodes in the process.

But the next morning, after the alcohol was out of his system, JBL felt good enough to explain himself, in a way. As it turns out, the only thing he was explaining was why he drank so much last night.

JBL made it very clear that he had no intentions of “killing” Cody and it was all in fun.

“Was having fun with Cody last night and said I’d kill Cody Rhodes, I obviously didn’t mean that literally. It was a very poor choice of words, I go way back with him and his family and I just was talking smack in a pro wrestling sense. I apologize for that poor choice of words.”

In the end, you can chalk this up to Bradshaw just having a few too many cold ones. But it was his birthday.

“It was my birthday and the Cowboys beat the Saints, surely that’s a reason to have one too many! Have a great day everyone!”

This little tirade from Bradshaw started over football references, so it’s logical to see his point. But it’s also hard to really understand how the subject went at Cody directly instead of keeping it on the Cowboys’ big win against The Saints.