Natalya Reveals The Secret To Her Decade In WWE

WWE has seen a lot of Superstars who are willing to go the extra mile, but Natalya is not only willing to do that, but also see how much more she can give. This is one of the secrets of her survival in WWE so long as she celebrated a decade on the main roster this year.

Natalya recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling where she was asked if she would change anything in her WWE career. Nattie said that she wouldn’t change anything because when you boil it down, she was only doing what she was asked to do which she credits to her extended run in WWE.

“I don’t know what I could change because everything I did is what I was asked to do you know when people say that there have been a lot of people who don’t like the word Diva and that it has a bad connotation. For me, when I started in WWE and got brought up to the main roster that is what I was told we were going to be called.”

“So I just, as any good employee or talent would do, I rolled with the punches. That is what I believe has gotten me to where I am today is rolling with the punches, also adjusting and adapting. Life isn’t about survival of the fittest at all, it’s to adapt. So the directive from the company is that they wanted us to be called Divas so that’s what I was to be called.”

“Now they want us to be called Superstars. We adapt, we adjust, we change, we change, we evolve, and that’s where we are today.”

Natalya has changed a lot since coming into WWE ten years ago. She has been a part of some memorable stories and even translated that time in the ring into being one of the only cast members to see every season of Total Divas. But if you ask her, it was all about rolling with the punches and adapting in spite of the questionable creative direction WWE handed her.

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