JBL Loses It In Online Rant Saying He Could Beat Up Cody Rhodes & His Daddy

John Bradshaw Layfield has been known to put someone in their place before, but this is a very random target for his aggression.

JBL went on a little tirade online where it seems that he started talking about football and the Dallas Cowboys, but he eventually found himself tweeting out: “I’m retired. But Cody Rhodes couldn’t beat me if he tied me to a tree. Neither could his dad.”

There were quite a few tweets in a row all goading Cody on and talking about how JBL could beat him up. It kind of came out of left field and Cody apparently didn’t see it coming either.

“I’m thinking JBL had a few drinks tonight…” Cody tweeted out  Matt Jackson tweeted back with an image of JBL’s page but he is blocked from seeing it. This was a really interesting little ant-Cody rant and it would be great to know why it happened.