Fans Not Buying James Ellsworth’s Response To Recent Allegations

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James Ellsworth recently broke his silence in a big way as he came back against the allegations made against him by a 16-year-old fan. Plenty of people read his response, but it turns out that not a lot of people are believing him.

Since the allegations came out, others have stepped forward online to share their own James Ellsworth stories as well.

His accuser also released a statement following James Ellsworth’s public address where she lodged more accusations as well and double-downed on her statement as well.

Ringside News has received many messages from people looking to tell their own story about Ellsworth as well, some of which have tagged us on Twitter to get the message out. These are allegations, but at this point with so many people coming forward, the common consensus seems to be that Ellsworth’s career might have suffered a fatal shot.

You will find just a few responses to Ellsworth’s message below and they mostly have the same theme that they’re not believing this new version of the story.




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