SPOILER: WWE Superstar Makes Surprise Appearance At NXT Taping

NXT is a big part of the WWE Universe at this point and Triple H has made it quite apparent through different interviews and media calls that he wants NXT to be looked at as a third brand. Therefore, the possibilities are there for talent to move back and forth and it not be considered any kind of demotion.

During tonight’s NXT television tapings, which you can check out the entire spoil results here, Tyler Breeze made a surprise appearance as he took on Ricochet. If you remember, Ricochet was Breeze’s opponent on the road when Prince Pretty made some NXT house shows so this match is likely to be a great one.

You can check out the spoiler above to see how this match ended, but it was said to be a great main event for a future episode of NXT, presumably the second show they filmed tonight.

If I were a betting man Breeze loved the opportunity to wrestle in NXT as well and not view it as any kind of slight either. After all, his tag team partner Fandango is currently out of action due to an injury so this seems like a much better deal for a Wednesday night gig than his other options.