NXT UK Superstar Jokes About His Contract

The NXT UK roster has been in the news over the past few days, as it was revealed WWE were tightening the contracts of their Superstars for further exclusivity, banning Superstars from working a number of promotions in the UK.

These NXT UK Superstars are able to compete at the seven promotions WWE have working agreements of some sort with over in the UK. Additionally, it seems that WWE will allow their talent to work for other companies, provided their matches aren’t brought to streams or television shows.

NXT UK Superstar Sam Gradwell has chimed in on this incident. Taking to his Twitter account, he joked that it was funny to him to see his Twitter account filled with messages from people that claim to know more about his contract than he does.

Check the tweet here:

This seems to be in agreement with his fellow NXT UK Superstars, who’ve told promoters to reach out to them for further clarification on which promotions they can and can’t work for- and what the requirements are for those promotions they’re able to work for.

Gradwell has received supportive comments for NXT UK wrestler Killer Kelly and up-and-coming UK wrestler CJ Banks:

What performers from the UK not signed to WWE do you think will emerge as prominent figures in that area? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.