Kevin Owens Wants WWE WrestleMania Match Against Elton John After Canceled Concert

Kevin Owens is currently out of action as his double knee surgery heals. But at this time in his career, he deserves some rest. He also deserves some entertainment and apparently, Elton John doesn’t want him to have it.

It’s one thing to buy tickets to a concert and have it canceled the day before the show. But it’s a completely different thing to show up at the arena, buy some light-up heart-shaped glasses, and then have Elton John cancel as you sit there and wait for him to take the stage.

Owens was in that situation with his wife last night as Owens sent out a message to Elton John saying that nobody can ruin his wife’s date night except fro himself. But Elton apparently wanted to test that because he canceled the concert after fans waited a pretty long time for him to hit the stage.

“Hey, Elton John, nobody ruins my wife and I’s date night except me! You, me…WrestleMania. I’ve fought men in their 70’s before, I can do it again,” Owens tweeted out.

This was not a cool move on Elton John’s part and it’s easy to see why KO would be upset. Word is that Elton had an ear infection so he had to cancel the Florida concert. But that didn’t help Owens out much.