WWE SmackDown Results – November 27th, 2018

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Jeff Hardy’s 20 Year Celebration

The entire SmackDown locker room including Shane McMahon and Paige was on the ramp and Michael Cole was in the ring. They had pictures of Hardy in the ring up on stands and then Cole announced Jeff Hardy.

They showed a pretty cool highlight video of Hardy throughout the years, of course missing any footage of him facing CM Punk. They kept showing Jeff to make sure he wasn’t crying.

After the video, Jeff said he didn’t know what to say and thanked everyone. He said he can’t believe he did all of those things and his facepaint is much better than it was ten years ago. He thanked the fans for sticking by his side and a “Thank You Hardy” chant broke out.

Then he got a Delete chant going. He thanked his wife and his daughters and thanked everyone again for making this night possible. He said this is far from a retirement speech “but let’s find out together.”

Then Samoa Joe walked to the ring through the sea of SmackDown Superstars.

Joe congratulated Jeff and apologized for being tardy but he was popping bottles backstage “but maybe having champagne around you isn’t the best idea.” This got a Maury-style “Oooooh!” from the crowd. Then Joe said Hardy wasn’t coherent enough to remember anything from his highlight video.

Joe said he doesn’t have time for second chances because he hasn’t gotten his first. Then he said he’s sick about how Jeff put himself on a pedestal. For as many times as he popped a crowd, he let them down and people don’t change and demons don’t go away. He said the next time he feels powerless, Joe offered his hand, it’s a quick program, but it won’t be painless.

Jeff said Joe can’t rain on his parade. Jeff wanted a match right then and there and accidentally knocked over one of his oversized pictures. But Joe just left.

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