Welcome to Ringside News’ results for the November 27th, 2018 edition of SmackDown Live. this is a live result so please keep refreshing as more action takes place.
It’s an interesting time in WWE right now as WWE TLC is coming up and The New Daniel Bryan is the WWE Champion with AJ Styles chasing the title. AJ Styles is scheduled to be in the building tonight as well so this could be fun.
Becky Lynch is also in the building for SmackDown Live. We haven’t received any word that The Man has been cleared for a return to action just yet, but you never know what can happen in WWE.
There are also plenty of other questions to be answered as TLC gets booked. Jeff Hardy might want to seek some retribution against Randy Orton and you never know if the tag team of Rusev and Rey Mysterio might actually remain a thing after they got together at Starrcade.
Opening Segment
Paige introduced Becky Lynch and it popped the Minneapolis crowd big time. Lynch said she’s tired of standing on the sidelines and then invited Charlotte Flair to the ring.
Lynch said Flair had to channel The Man in order to beat down Rousey. Then Flair said she’s genetically superior and has the mindset to get the job done on her own without having to copy.
Becky said Flair went from copying her old man into copying The Man.
They wanted to have a match right then and there, but Paige wouldn’t let it happen. Instead, she booked a historic match with the first-ever Women’s TLC Match at the TLC pay-per-view on Dece 16th.
Suddenly, the rest of the women’s division came down and demanded their spot. So Paige booked a battle royal for later on in the night where the winner will be included in the match making it a triple threat TLC match for the SmackDown Women’s Title at TLC.

The Bar vs The Usos – Non-Title Match
The Big Show wasn’t with The Bar because Cesaro got mouthy with Show and then he clocked the Swiss Cyborg and knocked him out cold.
The Usos tagged in and out on Cesaro and kept up the punishment until Sheamus took a cheap shot and took out Jimmy to regain control.
Really, the Usos should have gotten this match anyway after getting the 1 win for SmackDown at Survivor Series, even though it apparently doesn’t count.
Jey finally got the tag after Jimmy took plenty more damage and Cesaro kicked out after a running Rikishi hip attack in the corner. Sheamus got the tag and ended up outside of the ring with Cesaro.
Jey went for a dive, but Cesaro nailed him with a forearm and then Sheamus took Jey’s head off with a knee and then hit a knee drop off the second rope for a two count. Sheamus climbed to the top rope but Jey ducked and Sheamus took a post.
Jey hit Cesaro and Sheamus with Superkicks and got a near fall. Then Jimmy got the tag and they both climbed up for the twin splashes. But Cesaro nailed a forearm on Jey off the splash, and Sheamus got his knees up on Jimmy for a two count.
Jey almost got a pin but then Cesaro found himself getting a blind tag situation and Jimmy nailed a splash for the win. But this was a non-title match so they just win pride.
Winners: The Usos
The New Day was backstage laughing at a phone. The Miz walked in and they said that they were laughing while watching The Miz and Shane McMahon’s loss last week. The Miz said they were fighting for SmackDown’s honor.
Kofi said they pulled down the only win for SmackDown at Survivor Series and The Miz said that win didn’t win. Then The Miz said he was going to McMahon and setting up a match tonight.
Woods asked what The Miz’s problem is and Big E started talking about The Miz’s character from The Marine. Kofi accused him of being a “closet Mariner” and then Big E left seeming embarrassed.
Then AJ Style is shown brooding in a back room somewhere and a stagehand walked in and said: “It’s time.” So AJ is next

AJ Styles Promo
AJ Styles came out and he looked pretty focused after 371 days as WWE Champion. Styles said it’s been 14 days since he lost the WWE Title and that seems longer than the time when he was champion.
Styles said he hates losing, but it was the way that he lost that he really hates. Then they played a clip of him losing the title via a low blow from The New Daniel Bryan.
Styles said he knew he would have a target “but who’da thunk it would have moved to somewhere else,” he said while referencing his crotch… then he said he wasn’t medically cleared to be at Survivor Series or SmackDown Live last week.
Then they played a clip of Daniel Bryan’s explanation from last week. AJ said Daniel’s explanation sounded like BS and he said they didn’t have to wait until TLC because they can do this right then and there. But Daniel Bryan isn’t there.
Styles said Bryan wasn’t even at the live events this weekend including Starrcade and then he made a crack about how maybe Daniel’s been watching Raw and he ha an idea how they do things over there.
AJ told Daniel to rest up in his hyperbaric chamber and get ready for TLC and don’t forget the WWE Championship at TLC because he’s taking it back home.
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev
Rusev had no Lana with him this week.
As soon as Rusev got in the ring, Nakamura jumped him from behind with a knee and then he hit a Kinsasha that sent Rusev out of the ring.
Referees came down and ran Shinsuke off… but he still hit another Kinsasha on Rusev before leaving. Nakamura never even took off his entrance jacket. That was a shame for Rusev.
Winner: Nobody, Including The Audience

Jeff Hardy’s 20 Year Celebration
The entire SmackDown locker room including Shane McMahon and Paige was on the ramp and Michael Cole was in the ring. They had pictures of Hardy in the ring up on stands and then Cole announced Jeff Hardy.
They showed a pretty cool highlight video of Hardy throughout the years, of course missing any footage of him facing CM Punk. They kept showing Jeff to make sure he wasn’t crying.
After the video, Jeff said he didn’t know what to say and thanked everyone. He said he can’t believe he did all of those things and his facepaint is much better than it was ten years ago. He thanked the fans for sticking by his side and a “Thank You Hardy” chant broke out.
Then he got a Delete chant going. He thanked his wife and his daughters and thanked everyone again for making this night possible. He said this is far from a retirement speech “but let’s find out together.”
Then Samoa Joe walked to the ring through the sea of SmackDown Superstars.
Joe congratulated Jeff and apologized for being tardy but he was popping bottles backstage “but maybe having champagne around you isn’t the best idea.” This got a Maury-style “Oooooh!” from the crowd. Then Joe said Hardy wasn’t coherent enough to remember anything from his highlight video.
Joe said he doesn’t have time for second chances because he hasn’t gotten his first. Then he said he’s sick about how Jeff put himself on a pedestal. For as many times as he popped a crowd, he let them down and people don’t change and demons don’t go away. He said the next time he feels powerless, Joe offered his hand, it’s a quick program, but it won’t be painless.
Jeff said Joe can’t rain on his parade. Jeff wanted a match right then and there and accidentally knocked over one of his oversized pictures. But Joe just left.

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi ended up getting an early advantage, but The Miz used his underhanded tactics to bring him down. Kofi sprung up and hit a dropkick on The Miz as he jumped down off the top rope. Then Kofi caught a clothesline and the Boom Drop.
While Woods and Big E cheered him on at ringside, The Miz reversed a Trouble In Paradise and then he reversed an SOS but Kofi blocked a Skull Crushing Finale.
Kofi hit an SOS for a two count and Woods was very animated about how close of a count it was. The Miz hit a DDT for a two count and removed the top turnbuckle pad.
Big E jumped up and wouldn’t let him use the exposed turnbuckle and Kofi got another near fall. The Miz kneed Kofi in the midsection and then he hit a dropkick out of the ring on Woods as he played trombone.
The Miz grabbed a chair, but Woods took it away. Suddenly, Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and got the win.
Winner: Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton Speaks
It’s time for Randy Orton to explain his actions from last week as he walked to the ring with Rey Mysterio’s mask still in his hand.
Orton talked about how disgusting some people thought his actions were last week but if he were to pick a word he would choose: euphoric.
He never understood what the big deal with the mask is and he called the mask a piece of trash. He never bothered to learn the history, he didn’t care. He didn’t mean to disrespect Rey’s culture, he just wanted to embarrass him so that’s better.
He wanted to prove that at this stage in his career that Mysterio is just another victim for RKO. Suddenly, Mysterio came out and it looks like he found another mask but he had a neck brace on. Then they brawled as Orton left the ring to meet him.
Orton eventually took control and he beat down Mysterio, ripped at the eyes of Mysterio’s mask and pulled off the neck brace. Referees came to the ring as Mysterio had a comeback. He his a 6-1-9 and then he hit another one.
Then Mysterio went and got a steel chair but Orton kicked him when he was coming in and hit a draping DDT on him before it slithered out of the ring and shoved Rey into the barricade before ramming Mysterio’s throat into the chair.
WWE officials soon ran down to break it up and run Orton off without letting him collect another one of Rey’s masks.

Shane McMahon was polishing his WWE World Cup trophy backstage and The Miz tried to get him to focus. It doesn’t seem like those two are getting along much.
Battle Royal For TLC Match At TLC
This was a typical battle royal match with a lot of the same kind of spots that got to the finish. Zelina Vega was taken out first by Lana who then, in turn, took out the Ravishing Russain as well.
The IIconics tossed out Lana and then Asuka punished them before sending both of the out of the match with one hip attack to the apron that sent them flying.
Then Asuka sent out Carmella in spite of the fact that she screamed and tried to beg off. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville tried to gang up on Asuka and then Naomi saved Auska.
Naomi sent Rose out and then Deville sent Naomi out.
It was down to Sonya Deville and Asuka. They lit each other up with some kicks and then Sonya took Asuka down with a tackle. Sonya tried to grab Asuka when she was on the apron. It backfired and Asuka took Mandy down and then Asuka tried to suplex Sonya out of the ring and then they both ended up on the apron.
Finally, they kicked each other at the same time and then Asuka landed a knee and took out Deville to earn a spot at TLC.
Winner: Asuka

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