Vampiro in a Wheelchair Following Casket Match

Lucha Underground commentator and former WCW star Vampiro is currently wheelchair-bound after his bout against former Impact Wrestling star Crazzy Steve during WrestleCade this past week in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The 51-year-old competitor took to Instagram to share a photo of himself at the airport in a wheelchair. According to the competitor, he suffers from a condition due to the back and neck injuries he has sustained over the years. He can lose control of his legs, arms, and hands.

Prior to his match against Steve, Vampiro revealed that he couldn’t even really walk. The casket match was, for all intents and purposes, less of a concern then even being able to get up on his own two feet.

Regardless of everything, Vampiro went out there and participated in the match. He gave it everything he could, given the situation he was in. He explained that he wouldn’t let the pain stop him from letting others down. He notes that he is using the money from his bout at Wrestle Cade to help his daughter this Christmas.

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I am arriving in Mexico City after WRESTLE CADE 2018 . Part of my condition , from this neck and back injury is that if I fly too often my body totally gives out and I lose all control of my legs and arms and hands . Basically I become like a vegetable . I literally can not walk. And so today I am in a wheelchair…Last night I was dying before the match I could not walk and I really was in pain. But the transformation when I put on my paint and the black leather and the cheering of the fans… I would rather die than let someone down. I am a hard person to deal with in real life . But I am a pro all day and I won’t ever quit. Fuck that . So no I have one more flight and I have no clue how I will board the plane let alone get home. All I can say is it was totally worth it and I would do it again right now if I had the chance! PMA all ways . I need to set an example for@my daughter and for the people who believe in me. plus I needed the money for my daughters plane ticket for Christmas!It’s only pain. And as one of my hero’s said … it’s only Rock and roll but I Ike it! i’m not looking for sympathy that’s not what this is about, it’s all about being in a fight, getting hit heading back twice as hard, life is not easy, and you can’t quit every time I rode block comes along, you know what I mean? My point of view is tomorrow I will be in the gym with or without this motherfucking wheelchair, I just wanted to say thank you to all the fans for all the support last night it was fun, but I can do better, and I guarantee you that I will!

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This is, of course, hard to hear. We at Ringside News would like to wish Vampiro the very best, and hope that he can learn more about his condition and improve in the future.

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