Top ROH Star At WWE Raw This Week

WWE has a lot of people on their roster and incredible talent all around but there is always room for one more, especially someone who is a former ROH TV Champion.

Silas Young looks to be free of his ROH obligations very soon and he has been rumored to be interested in WWE and vice versa. Now it looks like there could be even more credence to these rumors because Young was in attendance at RAW this week.

PW Insider reports that Silas was sitting at ringside during the show tonight. At this point, there is no word on whether or not he was brought backstage, but the fact he was in Milwaukee for the show at all is incredibly interesting.

Silas Young is from the area so he might have just decided to go to the show, then again, there could always be other intentions for his visit. Silas is set to sign a deal with WWE eventually along with others who will start in January if all goes according to plan.