Fans Troll Lars Sullivan WWE Hype Video In A Big Way

Lars Sullivan’s bodybuilding message board days have been well documented and if you would like a refresher, you can check them all out here. But WWE went ahead and aired another hype video for Sullivan this week on RAW in spite of the contents of his previous message board antics.

When WWE’s YouTube account posted a video of Sullivan along with a question asking where fans think Lars Sullivan is going to end up, they had plenty to say including:

  • He is more dangerous then his blog posts LMAO
  • I heard Vince McMahon has big plans for him, which explains the advertising. I think he will be a free agent? Maybe?
  • Backstage…in catering.
  • Hopefully in jail. I can’t believe WWE will still use him after his posts. You’re shameful WWE.
  • Just where Snitsky ended up
  • Ringside is already firing up the Lars bashing articles.
  • No matter where he goes, his career might become a joke
  • Probably released after his old message board posts. YIKES!
  • Hopefully in a flaming dumpster
  • Fired due to SJW backlash

There were plenty more comments like this as well. But it looks like the Lars Sullivan train is going to keep moving because Vince McMahon and WWE are behind it. But you never know what can happen in WWE.