Vince McMahon Reportedly Thinks He Created Chris Jericho & Doesn’t Want Him Helping The Elite’s New Company

Chris Jericho is a Superstar all over the world no matter if he’s in a pro wrestling ring, on a music stage, or arranging a cruise ship. His name popped up in conjunction with a possible new project The Elite are working on in regards to putting together their own pro wrestling company, and apparently, Y2J is the only one Vince McMahon is worried about.

But this new prospective pro wrestling company might still be causing WWE to lock down as many guys as possible so they don’t go elsewhere.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed Vince McMahon’s probably mindset when it comes to this new possible All Elite Wrestling promotion. Since the rest of The Elite (except for Cody Rhodes) seem to be guys that WWE has never had in the company, it seems that McMahon might not care much. But Chris Jericho’s participation in a possible new company is something McMahon doesn’t want at all.

“More than anyone, Vince doesn’t want [Jericho] there because in Vince’s mind he’s a proven star that Vince thinks he created whereas these other guys in Vince’s mind he’ll go, ‘They’ve never been here, nobody knows who they are.’ I mean which may be the same mistake he’s made in other cases many times. But with Jericho, he will not make that mistake.”

Only time will tell what could happen in 2019, after all, both Chris Jericho and Jim Ross have seemed to shy away from the idea that they are backing All Elite Wrestling. But there could very well be some fire to that rumor smoke.

As the pro wrestling landscape continues to evolve, you never know what could be down the line. But if All Elite Wrestling gets going then a television contract will need to be in place for it to really matter. At this point, they are in the very early beginning stages and at this point, nothing is a certainty. But if Vince McMahon can help it, Chris Jericho will have nothing do do with AEW, even if it never gets off the ground.

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