Tessa Blanchard Could Be One Of The Best Workers In The Pro Wrestling Business Very Soon

Tessa Blanchard might have been first noticed by some WWE fans as she participated in the first Mae Young Classic Tournament. She didn’t win and was eliminated in the first round by Kairi Sane, but the two had one of the best matches in the entire tournament that early into it.

WWE didn’t sign Blanchard after her time in the MYC which broke Tessa’s heart at the time. But she doesn’t blame them for it at all for not offering her a deal. Instead, she signed a two-year deal with Impact Wrestling that will see her wrestling for them until she is at least 25.

Now as Knockouts Champion at Impact Wrestling, Tessa Blanchard is taking all comers, but she could also be wrestling men for that matter. She has participated in some of the best intergender matches in recent memory and it doesn’t seem like she’s slowing down at all.

Dave Meltzer discussed Tess Blanchard and her potential briefly on Wrestling Observer Radio where he revealed that people have told him how great she will eventually be. In fact, she could very well be the best worker in the professional wrestling world very soon.

“Tessa Blanchard’s a Superstar in my mind. I mean if you don’t think she is now the fact is she will be. She is such a great worker who’s only going to get better. I know people who think she’s going to be man or woman one of the best workers in the business within 18 months because that’s how quick she improves.”

Only time will tell how much Tessa Blanchard will improve as she continues on as Impact Wrestling’s Knockouts Champion. They certainly seem to have the title on the right woman though, especially considering the amount of praise she garners.

If you follow Tessa on social media when you’re well aware that she is constantly working out to get even better in the ring and improve her already impressive strength. At 23-years-old she has a huge career ahead of her and according to some, she is destined to become the best worker in the pro wrestling business very soon.

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