Former WWE Superstar Alex Riley has his eyes set on 16-time World Champion John Cena. Riley, who worked for WWE from 2007 through to 2016 has said in the past that it was due to Cena that he was ultimately shuffled down the card and eventually let go from the product.
The drama between these two kicked back off on social media, as Riley posted several images to Instagram with descriptions mentioning Cena. He claims he is coming for everything Cena has and holds near and dear to him.

So why does Riley reportedly hold a grudge against Cena? Well, as PWPIX writes, Riley has addressed this in the past. Beginning with Jim Ross’ podcast in January of 2017, Riley claimed an incident with Cena had a negative impact on the direction of his career.

“I’ll put it this way, there was an incident and it certainly changed the path of my career.
“I don’t want to discuss it right now, but I will one day for sure. I will one day. It was a tough situation at times, I guess we can leave it at that. Honestly, J.R., I struggle with the morality of even talking about it and I’m not into blowing up anybody else at this point, but I promise you this, I will address it one day for sure. You don’t want to know. It was a tough situation.”

He would later appear on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast in July of 2017. Through this platform, Riley would add further comments to the matter.

“I guess I’m not saying anything that other people haven’t already kind of said. It is kind of out there but I’ll say this. There was an incident and it certainly affected the path of my career, however, I am not going to talk about it right now and I’ve kind of gone back and forth in my own times morally with do I say anything or do I not. I am not in the habit of destroying anybody’s career so it is just something at this point that I don’t want to address further than that but one day I certainly will. It was a hard situation to deal with.”

Another former WWE Superstar in Ryback supported Riley’s claims.

“John would sit back there and bury Riley in front of everybody for no reason and Alex Riley is f****** money and he was money from day one,” Ryback said on his podcast in January 2017.
“Busted his ass, had awesome theme music, worked his ass off, went out there and got a reaction from the people, but because of John Cena and I swear to God, I swear to f****** God, because of John Cena, his career is over in the WWE for no f****** reason outside of John and his personal issues. Unbelievable.”

Since leaving the WWE Universe, it seems Riley has focused on his acting career. He recently made an appearance on the Netflix series GLOW- where he wrestled under the name of ‘Steel Horse.’
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With H/T to PWPIX for the transcriptions.

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