SmackDown Live Superstar and former Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods had a shocking session at the gym today. While working out, as one does, Woods overheard a conversation between two guests that escalated over the course of an hour. As the “reporter” on hand, Woods sought to update his Twitter followers on what transpired.
This led to Woods live-tweeting the events as they happened in the gym- and while Woods never got a conclusion to the story, it is left with an open ending so that all followers can make their own mind up about what took place when Woods left the gym.
When Woods first arrived and heard arguments breaking out between the male and female guests that were close to him- he tried to inform his followers. Believing they are a couple, Woods sits back and watches them argue.

Things start to get petty as the male did not want to help the female out.

Things start to take a turn when Woods reveals he’s stopped working out to focus on the case. He learns the two have a competition coming up and they need to train for it. He then drops the bombshell that something took place between the woman and the male’s brother.

With the new evidence presented, Woods concludes that the person he’d first seen with the woman was actually his lifting coach and the woman had been dating the coach’s brother. In fact, it seems the woman and the coach still had a thing on the side.

The supposed brother arrives, and the coach and woman both stop arguing, trying to act normal around the new presence.

The woman sits there looking terrified while the two brothers head to the locker room. Woods debates whether he should stay where he is or head to the locker room too.

Before he has a chance to make a decision, Woods reveals the two brothers can be heard screaming at one another throughout the gym. The woman looks shocked and pained to hear this.

The brother the woman is supposedly dating curses at the woman and leaves the gym before the coach comes out of the locker room himself. Everyone is looking at the woman, who sounds to be flustered.

With the brother now gone, the woman and coach appear to sort things out and continue training as if nothing had ever happened.

Citing a life lesson out of the scenario, Woods decides to head off. He finds the brother in the car, mad and ready to fight someone.

He ends his tweets on the matter, wishing the brother and woman good luck with their future.

It’s safe to say Woods never expected so much drama to come from a single session in the gym. If you have any interesting or hilarious Thanksgiving stories that have taken place this year, or in years prior, leave them in the comments below.
What was your reaction to this? Were you following it as he tweeted it? Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and reactions in those comments below.

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